Gogoanime Not Working? Here are 13 Good Sites Like Gogoanime (2024)

Updated: Gogoanime has been rebranded to Anitaku.to.

Gogoanime is one of the most sought-after free anime streaming and download websites all the while, but during the use of the website, we may meet some issues like Gogoanime down or not working well temporarily. If you run into problems on Gogoanime, below are dozens of sites like Gogoanime (Anitaku.to). You can visit them to continue your anime journey.

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Is Gogoanime Down

Gogoanime is a fairly robust website but due to its maintenance or occasionally overloaded server caused by huge traffic, people may find that Gogoanime is not accessible. In fact, Gogoanime always changes the domain name extension to keep itself from being shut down. Currently, there are two reliable websites that are widely claimed to be the real Gogoanime: https://anitaku.to/ and https://gogoanime3.net/. So long as you’re using one of the authentic websites, you should be able to stream and download anime safely with ease in 99% of the cases.

You can also check the other Gogoanime post to learn about the security and legality of the website: Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal to Use>>

But if you happen to come upon Gogoanime shutdown or this website doesn’t fit your demands anymore, having some replacements in your collection is definitely a good idea. There is no lack of free anime streaming and download websites similar to Gogoanime. If you have not yet found the satisfied one, here are 13 good options for your information.

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The 13 Websites like Gogoanime

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1. 9Anime (Now AniWave)

9Anime is a rich seam of free anime streams. Anime on this website cover practically every genre and from all years and seasons. No matter you’re looking for on-going episodes or classic anime series, you will get desired content on this platform every time. On average, after the official release, 9Anime will rapidly post a new episode within 30m to an hour. Compared with its counterparts, 9Anime runs with the fastest updates. The video qualities 9Anime delivers are also at decent HD and Full HD resolutions. While primarily offering English subbed and dubbed Japanese series, movies, OVAs, ONAS, and specials, 9Anime also has a considerable number of popular Chinese Donghua in its collection.
For high-quality popular and latest anime, 9Anime is always amongst the top picks.

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2. Animepahe

Animepahe is dedicated to subbed anime and it has a massive anime library, through which you can find various old titles and on-going anime to binge with. Like all good free anime streaming websites, Animepahe features rapid updates, allowing you to enjoy latest episodes as soon as possible. Another good part of Animepahe is, it not only supports up to 1080p video streams, but also enables users to download small encoded anime at high quality. You can save more episodes on portable devices now!
Animepahe comes with a concise user interface, but as many people have complained, it is filled with intrusive pop-ups and re-directs. You may need an ad-block tool for more smooth viewing experience.

Gogoanime Not Working? Here are 13 Good Sites Like Gogoanime (4)

3. Animixplay (Shutdown)

The most impressive side of Animixplay is that it brings a completely ad-free viewing experience. There is no pop-up, ad-banner or unrelated direct. You can use it without problems. On top of that, Animixplay has a well-organized interface and handy search filters. You are able to find anime based on genres, release year or seasons, sub, dub, or any, as well as stream servers, from its big collection. During the streaming, you can switch to other servers if there are multiple servers available. It usually loads anime quickly and videos qualities Animixplay supports are variable. Animixplay doesn’t require sign-up for streaming and downloading anime, but with an account, you can use more features, such as creating or adding watch playlist from MAL and auto-track releases.

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4. 4Anime

4Anime is another good option if you put non-ads viewing and security the first. This website has a fairly straightforward UI design with the latest releases displayed on its homepage, alongside with a handy top navigation menu. Its anime library covers 32 genres. A huge catalog of new anime are also available there. 4Anime locks video stream resolution in 1080p, for anime fans who are pursuing high-quality anime, which should be a compelling point. But consequently, it may take more time to load a video.
Due to its simplicity and non-distracting streaming, we have also included it in the list of best safe anime websites. 4Anime is a well-received free streaming website and gets highly recommended among anime groups.

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5. AnimeHeaven

We also include AnimeHeaven among the best sites like Gogoanime due to the superior quality streams and huge collection of latest series and movies in dubbed or subbed. It enables users to easily find and view popular and ongoing series under corresponding sections, and also offers a schedule for updates. So, you can find what to watch next there. AnimeHeaven is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers, making users handily enjoy anime on more devices. But please note that here is a bundle of pop-ups and ads on this website. You should be careful to click the right buttons or close irreverent content.

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6. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is marked by fast updates and thousands of episodes. It is a place you can view all kinds of big names and new releases in English subbed, usually at 320p and 720p resolutions. Furthermore, you can download all episodes in MP4 video formats from this website. There is a mobile version of Chia Anime that comes with a mobile-friendly layout and player. Chia Anime also delivers an excellent mobile viewing experience. As a plus, Chia Anime has also manga and anime soundtracks for free streaming and downloading. It is an optional website if you are looking for sites like Gogoanime.

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7. Animeland

When it comes to the best websites like Gogoanime for dubbed anime only, we recommend that you try Animeland. This website is all about English dubbed series and movies, including many popular series. A few dubbed new releases are also available on this platform. Animeland offers a wide range of qualities for streaming, from 480p to 1080p. In order to watch anime on Animeland without distraction, you can install an ad-block extension on your browser, which can prevent you from running into a flood of pop-ups and ad banners.

Gogoanime Not Working? Here are 13 Good Sites Like Gogoanime (9)

8. Animedao

Animedao holds a neat & easy-to-use interface and performs pretty fluently for streaming. Based upon the daily updates, there are many popular and new series on the database of Animedao. You can go to its List page to check out the complete list of anime or submit your desired anime into the quick search bar. It can display exactly matching results in most instances. Animedao does well in user-friendly streaming experience. It gives priority to ad-free servers and also warns if a server contains ad pop-ups. No spoilers are allowed in the comments. But it seems that Animedao has an anti-AdBlock detector. You need to disable your ad-block tool to use this website without problems.

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9. Animefreak

Animefreak is an aggregation of thousands of anime episodes. It involves many old names and new anime on the progress. About 40 genres of OVAs, TV series and movies can be found on this platform. By utilizing its navigation bars, you can browse latest anime and episodes, anime on basis of genres, full list of anime, and the most popular anime on Animefreak. This website also keeps daily updates. The best part is, Animefreak offers both dubbed and subbed versions for each episode. You can switch to the desired language on the video player page directly. Nevertheless, its shortcomings of overloaded ads and slow loading are the most controversial aspects. But If you can’t find specific anime in dubbed on other websites, Animefreak is a place to try your luck.

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10. Animekisa (Shutdown)

Animekisa is a good anime streaming and download website that you can use as a daily used source. It assembles the most popular and new anime, has English dubbed and subbed episodes, and comes with well-organized UI design and navigation tools. A considerable catalog of ongoing series is listed on the right side on its homepage so you can handily find latest episodes to watch. Multiple servers for streaming are available, along with varied resolutions and loading speed, and rare buffering occurs when you stream on the website. Random pop-ups are in the player page. If you run into them, just close these pop-ups and don’t click any ad buttons. On balance, this website is safe to use.

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11. Animeultima

Animeultima is among the ad-free sites like Gogoganime while is characterized by well-designed user interface. It is loaded with a series of search filters and detailed classifications on the basis of 2, 000+ anime, enabling users to easily browse or find out needed content, for instance, currently airing anime shows, full anime list (registered users only), anime in designated genres, and most viewed anime. You can also check the Animeultima anime schedule to find what will be updated next or request an anime. Since Animeultima offers access to third-party servers, the language and video quality of anime depends on the server you choose. And the qualities range from 360p to 1080p. Subbed and dubbed anime are all covered.

Gogoanime Not Working? Here are 13 Good Sites Like Gogoanime (13)

12. Anime Twist

Anime Twist is most likely the simplest anime streaming website on the Internet. It shows anime in alphabetical order. There is a search tool, through which you can search for desired anime using titles. No additional features. No annoying ads and banners. Anime Twist is a mobile friendly platform so you can use it on your phone or tablet on the go. Additionally, it always displays the best video quality. Besides occasionally slow buffering problems, Anime Twist is the perfect choice for minimalists.

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13. Animepill (Shutdown)

Animepill is a good place to watch on-going series. It doesn’t have a large library like other alternatives to Gogoanime mentioned above, yet the no-disturbing interface and fast loading speed will surely give you a pleasing playback experience. On this website, you can watch popular anime. By taking advantage of its search tool, you can find more gems. Animepill serves users with high-quality and stable third-party servers.

In Summary

These 13 sites like Gogoanime have different emphasis. You may try them one by one to select out the one best fitting for you demands. Of course, We have tested them in advance, thus, you can use any of them with confidence.

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Gogoanime Not Working? Here are 13 Good Sites Like Gogoanime (2024)


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