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October Mountain Shadows Living 3I M P O R TA N T P H O N E N U M B E R S © 2014 Neighborhood Networks Publishing, Inc. County Services AREA DIRECTOR Keith Bailey 209-6900 Chattanooga-Hamilton County Emergency Services 423-619-6141 877-477-0800 Emissions Testing 855-6100 Public Works 622-0022 Sheriff’s Dept. – Non emergency CONTRIBUTORS AT LARGE The residents of Mountain Shadows. 624-5302 Humane Society We are always looking for residents to follow 855-6125 Recycling Center - Standifer Gap up on leads, find great stories and send us 209-7720 Voter Registration ideas. Let’s celebrate the great things happen- 894-5231 Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department ing in our community! No contribution is too 800-288-9999 Poison Control small. Please email with your pictures, suggestions, or requests. Public Schools 855-6142 Westview Elementary NEIGHBORHOOD Emily Kaderly 893-3535 East Hamilton Middle CONTRIBUTING TEAM Ryan Bowman 893-3535 East Hamilton High Utilities DISCLAIMER: N2 Publishing is not affiliated with or contracted by the Mountain Shadows Residents Association, Inc. (the “Associa- 800-427-5463 Chattanooga Gas Company tion”). This publication, including the content of articles and advertisem*nts contained herein, is not authorized or endorsed by the Association. Any articles included in this publication and/or opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of N2 892-2706 Eastside utility District Water Company Publishing but remain solely those of the author(s). The paid advertisem*nts contained within the Mountain Shadows Living maga- 756-2706 Electric Power Board zine are not endorsed or recommended by N2 Publishing or the publisher. Therefore, neither N2 Publishing nor the publisher may be held liable or responsible for business practices of these companies. NOTE: When community events take place, photographers may be present to take photos for that event and they may be used in this publication.Mountain Shadows Board of Directors and Committee ChairsBoard of DirectorsPresident — David KelmanVice President — Catheryn StriebelTreasurer — Todd RaySecretary — Laura LandResidents Association ContactsWelcome Committee – Emily Kaderly, Laura LandProject Officer – Reggie Flemming, Keith BaileyPool – Leana NealSecurity – Stephen GareyGrounds and Maintenance – Stephen Gary, Karla ChaucerSocial , Clubhouse and Web – Emily Kaderly, Leana NealCovenant Compliance – Marlin LarsonContact the board by email at mountainshadowsnews@gmail.comMailing Address: Mountain Shadows Residents AssociationMSRAP.O. Box 21601Chattanooga, TN 37424

4 NeighborhoodSponsors Mountain Shadows Living October This section has been created to give you easier access when searching for a trusted neighborhood vendor to use. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the businesses sponsoring the Mountain Shadows magazine. These local businesses are proud to partner with you and make this magazine possible. Please support these businesses and thank them for supporting the Mountain Shadows magazine!AIR CONDITIONING INTERIOR PAINTING, WATERPROOFING& HEATING DECORATING & RESIDENTIAL & & FOUNDATIONMalone Heat & Air DESIGN COMMERCIAL REPAIR(423) 624-6647 Decorating Den Interiors Painter Ready AAA Basem*nt (423) 299-2957 (423) 648-4408 Systems / easttn (423) 490-4586CABINETRY & www.aaabasem*ntwaterproofing.CUSTOMIZED LAWN MAINTENANCE PEST CONTROL comSTORAGE Green Effects Landscaping Mosquito SquadClassic Cabinetry (423) 402-1352 (423) 386-5943(423) 266-0077 PRINTING ORTHODONTIST Business Graphics and ServicesINSURANCE - AUTO- Coleman Orthodontics (423) 619-6141HOME-BUSINESS (423) 892-1099 & Cox Insurance & Bonds 240-3858 Mark Hite (423) 664-1900

October Mountain Shadows Living NeighborhoodNews 5Pictures! Send in Your We want pictures of your little All-Star! It does not matter if FAVORITE your child is a champion: make him/her feeling like one by sub- mitting pictures of the proud moments on the playing field. All sports pictures are welcome for submission to the newsletter. Are you in a book club, a Bible study group, or a Bridge group? And, if not, would you like to join one? Let us know about it! We want your announcements! Whether you just celebratedEmail with a birthday or anniversary, welcomed a new baby in the house,your pictures, stories, news, and events! or had any other special occasion, let us know and we will include it in the next issue.

Note6 NeighborhoodNews Mountain Shadows Living OctoberPublisher’sHello Neighbors, At Business Graphics we helpI believe everyone is excited to welcome the enjoyable October business grow by providingtemperatures. Fall is a beautiful time of the year in east Ten- printing services withnessee. Take time for a hike in the wonderful parks that are so experienced guidanceclose to our homes. Make October a month to remember by in design and production.sharing time with your family and friends. I would say, “Go With proven years of experienceBig Orange,” but I may offend some. But as an alum, I can- we can guide you through yournot be politically correct when it comes to the Vols. GO BIG graphics needs with marketing items such as catalogs, directORANGE! Have a great October. mail, product labeling, trade show materials and many more.Tell your kids about the Mountain Shadows Living Young Art- If you have a need for materialsist contest. Do you have a young artist that would enjoy sharing that require graphics and printtheir special talents with the neighborhood? See our special we are your one stop resource.contest announcement next to the Kids-2-Kids article. Give us a call to see how our print experience can guide youIndex of Trusted Services – Mountain Shadows Living magazine to the results you the place to find trusted, ethical services for your family, homeand business. These sponsors have been carefully selected. Pleasesupport the advertising sponsors, and when you do, let them knowyou found them in your Mountain Shadows Living magazine.Thanks to all the neighbors who have helped with storiesand articles to make this a great neighborhood magazine.Remember this magazine is for Mountain Shadows and aboutMountain Shadows, so email your pictures and stories to look forward to hearing from you. Your Neighbor, Keith Keith Bailey Area Director of Chattanooga 423-619-6141

October Mountain Shadows Living NeighborhoodNews 7 Review restaurant Meet Neighbors…Eat FREE… Try a New Restaurant! About once a month, 8-12 residents from our neighborhood have the opportunity to eat New out at a local restaurant and participate in what we call a Restaurant Review. The food is free; all you pay is for any “adult beverages” and gratuity for the evening. If you’d like to participate in future reviews, email to be added to our contact list and receive updates about our dinners.Are you and your family/spouse/childrennew to Mountain Shadows?If so, welcome! Please send your contact information to receive your FREE gift from to theMountain Shadows Living and to be added to our email andevent invitation list! Neighborhood?REQUEST FORSPONSORS REFERRALS…..We are continually on the lookout for ∙ Optometrist ∙ Attorney Servicestrusted sponsors that do excellent work. If ∙ Dentist ∙ Wealth Management andyou use, or have used one of the businesses ∙ Chiropractor ∙ Investmentlisted below, we would like to have a recom- ∙ Pediatric Doctor ∙ Elderly Home Caremendation from you so that we may invite ∙ Family Physician ∙ Any Business or Servicethem to be a sponsor of our magazine and ∙ Concierge Medical Practice Provider that willallow your neighbors to benefit from their ∙ Hearing Specialist benefit your neighbors.skills and quality service. ∙ Plumping Services ∙ Blinds & ShuttersEmail your recommendations to ∙ If yourrecommendation joins the family ofsponsors, you receive a $50 gift certificate.

8 NeighborhoodNews Mountain Shadows Living OctoberNEWSmountain shadows From The Board MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTHello, Neighbors!I don’t know about you, but at my house we are already gear- MOUNTAIN SHADOWS MEMOSing up for the steady stream of upcoming holidays. If you aren’talready hooked in to the neighborhood email list or website, Annual Meetingmake sure to subscribe if you want to hear more about upcom- Tuesday, November 18th at 7pm. We’ll let you know via electronicing neighborhood activities related to trick-or-treating, light announcement and signs if some unexpected rescheduling mustdisplays, and more. occur. In addition to talking about the budget, neighborhood prior- ities, and recent accomplishments, we will hold our board elections.Also, make sure to find time to attend our annual association If you are ready to serve your neighborhood, we encourage you tomeeting. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, November 18th at 7pm. contact us about being nominated for the board.We’ll let you know via electronic announcement and signsif some unexpected rescheduling must occur. In addition to You can take on as big or as small of a role as you want; we wel-talking about the budget, neighborhood priorities, and recent come you in any capacity.accomplishments, we will hold our board elections. If you areready to serve your neighborhood, we encourage you to contact Some areas that can use your talents include:us about being nominated for the board. We don’t bite. - Web page content management (multiple spots)Before you know it, we’ll hit 2015 and arrive at the annual dues - Facebook page managerbilling cycle. I mention this now so that anyone who has spe- - Special projects managers - for example, playgroundcial needs can get on top of the game. If you want your invoice renovations- (multiple spots)mailed to a location other than your residence, make sure to let - Kids social events (multiple spots)us know before December. We try our best to sniff out alternate - Adult social events (multiple spots)addresses via tax records and noting your feedback, but you’re - Clubhouse managementalways safest by sending us a message to let us know or to con- - Neighborhood communicationsfirm that we have your mailing preference. Of course, everyone - Welcoming committee (multiple spots)has a responsibility to pay their Tier One dues. If you have - Outside member liaisonhardship circ*mstances, please be proactive in coming to the - ….and more!board to consider your request. Again, with enough hands on deck, we will all see that manyHave a Happy Halloween! hands make light work. Please consider making the choice to get involved in the future of your neighborhood. Many of these rolesBest regards, can be shared by more than one person. If you think you might be interested in helping to fill any of these roles, please contact moun-David to learn more about these positions. This is an exciting time for us as we make plans to improve our already wonderful neighborhood. We would love for you to take on this adventure with us and help to make Mountain Shadows the premiere place to live in Chattanooga!

October Mountain Shadows Living NeighborhoodNews 9Get Connected to Mountain Shadows: Website, Facebook, and view a current Calendar which allows them to learn about upcom-Twitter keeps neighbors connected. ing events and meetings that might be of interest.Website: This site is not only a beneficial tool for residents, but will also beFacebook page: helpful for people considering purchasing homes in Mountainmountainshadowsneighborhood Shadows. There is a link for Homes for Sale as well as ample infor-Twitter account: www.twitter/MntShadows mation to inform potential homebuyers of the dynamic nature of our great neighborhood. Any information a current or potentialMountain Shadows is proud to announce the launch of our new resident could wish to know will be available at their This new and improved site will allow residents to stayconnected and informed like never before. Along with basic neigh- Along with the launch of this new and improved site comes theborhood information and facts, residents can also register to gain launch of the Mountain Shadows Facebook page and Twitteraccess to several password-protected areas. There is a Classifieds accounts. These up-to-date social media tools will help residentssection where neighbors can post available or needed items or ser- stay informed of helpful and important information in real time.vices. The Vendor List allows neighbors to post reviews for profes- Make sure to go online and like Mountain Shadows on Face-sionals they would recommend in areas such as plumbing, roofing, book and follow Mountain Shadows on Twitter. Get connectedand even babysitting. In addition to these features, residents can Mountain Shadows!NOT RECEIVING EMAIL UPDATES OR NEW TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD?Please email your contact information to you have just moved into the neighborhood, we would enjoy the opportunity to personally greet you and extend awarm welcome. Email your contact information and our welcome committee will give you a call.Young Artist young writers andCONTEST photographers wanted: Attention young If you are in high school or college and enjoy writing, we artist: Email your have a great place for you to share your talents and sharpen works of art and your skills. Mountain Shadows Living is searching for a enter the Mountain young writer to find stories in our neighborhood to share Shadows young artist with your neighbors. competition. Take a picture of your works We also welcome a young enthusiastic of art, whether it be photographer who would enjoy shar-a painting, sculpture, photographs, or drawings and email them ing their photography skills withalong with your name, parents’ names and contact information to pictures of our Mountain ows community. All interested writers and photographersAfter we receive your email, we will contact you to have your must have their parents emailartwork photographed by our neighborhood photographer so that forwe can show your special talents in the Mountain Shadows Living further information.magazine. All entrants will receive a special entry gift card.
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October Mountain Shadows Living NeighborhoodNews 11 The John Family Meet the John family: Aaron, Brooke, Sophia (10), Nicholas (7), and Olivia (2.5).The Johns call Magical View in Mountain Shadows home. They have a very sweet Lhasa Apso dog named Daisy. She is almost 13 years old, but is still very active and full of life. Aaron is the director of the Shaw Flooring Network at Shaw Industries while Brooke is a stay- at-home mom, although drive-the-car mom would be a more appropriate title. The John family moved to Chattanooga, TN in August 2013. They moved from The Woodlands, TX where they called home for 8 years but have lived in Den- ver, CO, and Los Angeles, CA as well. Aaron and Brooke are both originally from Indiana and are graduates of Indi- ana University. Go Hoosiers! They just celebrated 13 years of marriage and feel blessed to have such a special family. They love to go to the beach, particularly the Destin, FL area, and also enjoy camp- ing, watching movies, playing games and attending Mass together. Their favorite place to visit is Walt Disney World. Fri- day night is pizza and movie night at the John house, but on Sunday afternoons, you will find them cheering on the India- napolis Colts! Sophia is a 5th grader at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School where her favorite subject is Writing. She has a passion for writing fictional stories and sharing them with her family. Sophia has been taking piano lessons for 4 years and plays very well. She loves playing ten- nis and attending lessons at the Manker Patten Tennis Club. She is looking forward to hopefully making the tennis team this spring at OLPH. Sophia also continued...
12 NeighborhoodNews Mountain Shadows Living October...continued really enjoys swimming and had a great time swimming for the PEACE {of mind} Mountain Shadows Swim Team this summer. Go Dolphins! Nicholas is a 2nd grader at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catho- lic School. His favorite subjects are Reading and Recess! He has been playing the piano for nearly a year and enjoys it. Nich- olas loves playing baseball either on the ball field with his team- mates or playing catch in the yard with his dad. He also really enjoys swimming and scored several points for the Mountain Shadows Swim Team this summer. If Nicholas isn’t swimming or playing ball, you can find him dressed in full camouflage exploring the great outdoors. Olivia is a very joyful and busy 2-year-old whom loves to be We’ve Got You Covered. with her family. She insists on wearing a dress nearly every day and loves dancing! Playing at the park, painting and building At Alder & Cox, our experienced staff has the knowledge and expertise to help our clients navigate the insurance marketplace. As Independent Agents we search the with blocks are among her favorite pastimes. She absolutely market for the insurance company that provides the best solution for you. loves playing with her brother and sister, who are almost always willing participants. They play hide and seek, dress-up and any Home • Auto • Business • Life • Health other game they can dream up. At the end of every evening, she James Monroe, CPIA enjoys reading books with mommy or daddy and then snuggling 423-615-0158 up with her lovey, “Meep,” to go to sleep. Office 423-240-3858 The Johns are happy to be a part of the Mountain Shadows 2110 Northpoint Blvd neighborhood and look forward to spending many years here. Hixson, TN 37343
October Mountain Shadows Living NeighborhoodNews 13healthy living Article provided by Dr. Deborah Gentry Dr. Deborah Gentry, Mountain Shadows neighbor.Family Health SOS …_ _ _…You Are what you put on your skin.The saying you are probably more familiar with is: “You Are what Once these chemicals find their way into your body, they tendyou eat.” What we need to realize is that every single thing you to accumulate over time because you typically lack the necessaryput onto your or your children’s bodies goes into your blood enzymes to break them down. There are literally thousands ofstream in 27 seconds. That means that if you are not willing to chemicals used in personal care products, and the U. S. govern-eat it, you probably should not put it on your skin, hair, or nails. ment does not require any mandatory testing for these productsTo prove it, take a clove of garlic peeled, crush it under your foot before they are sold.and you can taste it in a few minutes. Look at all of your personalcare product labels because what is in them can be more Sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant, detergent, and emulsifierdangerous than what you eat. used in thousands of cosmetic products, as well as in industrial cleaners. It is present in nearly all shampoos, scalp treatments,Is your hair color making you fat? hair color and bleaching agents, toothpastes, body washes and cleansers, make-up foundations, liquid hand soaps, laundryMany doctors, including Dr. Hyman (The Blood Sugar Solu- detergents, and bath oils/bath salts. Although SLS originatestion), are trying to get the word out that scientists recently from coconuts, the chemical is anything but natural. The realuncovered a surprising and disturbing fact: environmental problem with SLES/SLS is that the manufacturing processtoxins make you fat and cause diabetes. Inside the body, these (ethoxylation) results in SLES/SLS being contaminated withchemicals monkey with our ability to balance blood sugar and 1,4 dioxane, a carcinogenic by-product. If you visit the SLS pagemetabolize cholesterol. Over time, the changes can lead to insu- on the Environmental Working Group’s (, you willlin resistance. This discovery should be headline news, but no see a very long list of health concerns and associated researchone is talking about it. Why? Because there are no drugs to treat studies. They mention of 16,000 studies in the PubMed scienceit. In the quest to conquer the two biggest epidemics of our library (as well as their link to that list) about the toxicity of thistime—diabetes and obesity—we’ve got to turn our attention to chemical. Certainly worth paying attention to!the heavy burden environmental toxins put on our bodies. I don’t buy anything without reading the label. I am happy toPutting chemicals on your skin or scalp, such as hair color, may answer any questions about what to look for in personal careactually be worse than eating them. When you eat something, and home cleaning products.the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help to break it downand flush it out of your body. But when you put these chemicals Dr. Deborah Gentry has researched, written about and spoken on the topics of natu- ral medicine and stress for 20 years. Speaker, consultant and author, she began heron your skin, they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream career as a professor, worked for several Fortune 50 companies, and has appearedwithout filtering of any kind, going directly to your organs. on television and radio. Email her with health/product questions you would like answered in this newsletter:
14 NeighborhoodNews Mountain Shadows Living October Great helpful staff.BUSINESS beatDesigner Drugs: Not your corner store pharmacy.This month I had the opportunity to visit Randy Davis at his • We only use certain chemicals from FDA registered facili-business Designer Drugs, also known as The Wellness Center ties (highly reliable sources).Pharmacy. Randy is a pharmacist and owner of the business for • Our pharmacists and technicians receive regular and spe-over 14 years. Designer Drugs located at 7304 Jarnigan Road, cialized training.just off Gunbarrel road and turn by Chili’s restaurant. What • Our facilities meet design standards that guarantee we aredrove this entrepreneur to start the business? Randy explained, clear and free of contamination.“I needed to prove to myself that I could do this on my own.” • We meet or surpass the federal USP standards for sterile and non-sterile compounding.When you visit, you will be impressed by the operation of com- • We agree to adhere to the PCAB ‘Principles of Com-pounding of medications and diet supplements on sight and the pounding.’ Currently there are only 5 pharmacies in Ten-friendly service that is provided by sixteen employees. This is not nessee that are PCAB accredited. Across the nation, weyour corner pharmacy that I have been accustomed to. rank in the top 3% of compounders in this distinction.”Since compounding pharmacies are relatively new to my phar- Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do,macy experiences, I asked Randy to describe what his company what advice (whether general or specific) can you offer to thedoes. He responded, “Designer Drugs is a compounding phar- residents of your neighborhood? “Do you know your T-scoremacy. That means we have the expertise and training to MAKE (testosterone level)? Why not? Sex hormones, like estrogen,drugs in our lab that are specifically tailored to your individual progesterone, and testosterone are an important part of yourand specific needs. We specialize in balancing your hormones. endocrine system. Thyroid and Cortisol work in concert help-Bio-identical hormones can be measured in your blood so that ing to regulate the release and storage of these hormones. Getwe can calculate exactly what needs to be replenished. We take your doctor to measure these levels by blood testing. Sometimesinto consideration the route of administration (the best way they will say, “These levels are normal for your age.” Don’t acceptto get these hormones back into your body) because people do that! You want them optimal…not normal. Let Designer Drugshave preferences.” help you optimize your health, well-being, and longevity by guiding you down this hormone path.”What makes Designer Drugs unique? “Designer Drugs isaccredited by the Pharmaceutical Compounding Accreditation It is always interesting to learn how our business owners madeBoard. This distinction ensures that our quality and safety stan- their way into the business they enjoy. “Nashville is my originaldards include: home. I still miss the big city. Who knows, I may retire, move back and teach in Pharmacy school and Lipscomb University.
October Mountain Shadows Living NeighborhoodNews 15I attended David Lipscomb elementary school, high school and When Randy is not busy at work, he has “a new fondness ofcollege in Nashville, TN. Randy explained, “My concentration running/fitness. Right now I’m training for a half-marathon andwas in the medical/chemistry field. When I decided on Phar- go to a cross-fit class at the YMCA. My other hobbies are golfmacy, I enrolled at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. and wakeboarding as time allows.”My love for compounding led me to Chattanooga where myfamily calls HOME.” If you have not taken the opportunity to visit Designer Drugs, you are in for a pleasant surprise.Randy and his family have lived off Stoney Mtn Drive for overtwelve years and have enjoyed the neighborhood and the pool. Take time to stop in and say hello. Randy would enjoy theThe Davis family consist of Leann Davis, my wife and former opportunity to show you around and introduce you the friendlyNICU nurse, daughters Haleigh (19), a sophom*ore at Lipscomb staff and explain the great services they have to offer.University, Hannah Claire (15), a 10th grader attending GPS,and Gracyn (13), who is in 8th grade and also attends GPS. But The Wellness Center Pharmacy, Inc. DBA: Designer Drugsthe family does not stop there. The Davis family are pet lovers. Website: designerdrugs.usThey have a Yorkie and 4 cats!!!! Phone number: 423-954-2585 Business address: 7304 Jarnigan Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421 If you are a business owner and would like to have your business featured for one month, please contact us at This is a free, one-page article that will run for one month and is only available to residents.
16 HomeMatters Mountain Shadows Living OctoberP O R TA B L E G E N E R AT O R SStorms anytime of the year can cause a loss of power that can last for hours or days. The use of aportable generator is one way to help provide basic electric service and maintain a reasonablelevel of safety and security in a home, as well as possibly minimize the loss of food stored in arefrigerator or freezer. Most homeowners using generators will opt for the less expensive portabletype to help maintain a limited power supply.When using a generator, it is critical to ensure it has been feedback or a surge of electricity from the generator that travelsinstalled properly and is operated in a safe manner. There through the house wiring and back into the power lines. Anyonehave been many incidents where individuals have survived a working on or in contact with those lines could be electrocuted.storm only to suffer deadly consequences due to an improperlyinstalled or maintained generator as the exhaust from the unit To prevent this hazard, before using a generator, the wiring in thecontains deadly carbon monoxide. house must be disconnected from the incoming power lines using a transfer switch. This disconnection from the incoming power isThe danger of generator use also extends to utility crews helping also needed to protect the generator from damage when the powerto restore power. An improperly connected generator can lead to returns. Using the main disconnect in the electric panel in place of a transfer switch does not provide adequate protection from all potential feedback situations. For the efficient and safe use of a portable generator heed these recommendations: • Store the unit where it is readily available in an emergency. • Store fuel only in approved containers in a safe manner. • Read and follow all manufacturer instructions and safety warnings. • Have an electrician install a transfer switch to disconnect house wiring from the power company supply. • Never connect a generator directly to a wall outlet; it should only be directly connected to appliances or other electric equipment. • Only operate gasoline-fired units outdoors. Never run them in an enclosed-in area - not even for a short time or if the area is seemingly well vented. The unit should also be placed at least 10 feet away from any windows, doors or vent openings. Remember, these tips are only general guidelines. Since each situation is different, contact a professional if you have questions about a specific issue. More home safety and maintenance information is available online at This information is provided for general guidance purposes only. Neither DBR Fran- chising, LLC nor the local HouseMaster® franchise warrants its accuracy and assumes no liability related to its use. Contact the local franchise office and/or qualified specialists for advice pertinent to your specific house or circ*mstances. © Copyright 2008 DBR. Each HouseMaster franchise is an independently owned and operated business. HouseMaster is a registered trademark of DBR Franchising, LLC.
October Mountain Shadows Living 17kids 2 k i d s Hey kids, do you want to be the superstar of the neighborhood? All you have to do is ask your parents to email and answer some questions in order to be featured in the next available issue!MEET GRANT COOLEYMeet Grant Cooley, a twelve-year-old who is in sixth grade.Grant enjoys attending McCallie School and his favorite sub-ject Math. When it comes to sports, you will find him playinglacrosse or swimming. One hobby Grant considers his favoriteis Drama. He is a unique young man because his desire to be aCIA agent when he’s older.Here are a few of some favorites Grant shared with us…Favorites:Activities/Hobbies: SwimmingAnimal: DogColor: BlueFood: PizzaMovie: Lone SurvivorMusic: RapPlace to Play: SuperflySports Teams: Texas LonghornsSubject in School: MathTV Show: ChuckVacation Spot: Colorado
18 NeighborhoodNews Mountain Shadows Living October petsprecious Meet PepperOur precious pet of the month is Pep-per, a Bernese Mountain dog who istemporarily sharing her home with herfoster friends--seven adorable Beaglemix puppies.Pepper is 8.5 years old and was adoptedby her family in Temecula, California asa puppy. Pepper is extremely loving andgentle. She loves hugs and gives them bystanding in between your legs. Althoughshe weighs over 75 pounds, she thinksshe’s a small dog and will try to lay downright on you. She loves eating pancakesand, of course, dog treats. Pepper got hername because she had salt and pepperspecks on her head.Because her owner Sierra has given Pep-per such excellent care and love over theyears, Sierra & her family now fosterother dogs until they can find a foreverhome. The latest dog she fostered wasabout to have puppies when Sierra gother, so it was an exciting job to help birththe puppies and take care of them untilthey were old enough to be adopted. Nowit’s time to find the puppies their newfamilies. Pepper seems fine with having tosay goodbye to her foster friends though.Sometimes all that playful puppy energyjust wears her out!Pepper is one happy, spoiled dog for sure.Her family says, “It’s really all about her,”and instead of them training Pepper, Pep-per has trained them.
October Mountain Shadows Living NeighborhoodNews 19Neighborhood Wanting to Place Something in Services in Mountain Shadows Living?Do you have a baby sitting, pet sitting orservice you would like to announce to theneighborhood? Send an email to keith. mountain LIVING with your special the mag azine fo r the re sidents of moun tain sha To submit an idea, photo,service and we will tell your neighbors dows T his Month’s Ma March 2 article...or to obtain an extra 014 March Features rvelous Meet the Ray Family Energetic Ethan in Kids to Kidswith your listing in the Mountain Shadows Handsome Hank takes the pet spotlig copy of Mountain Shadows Caponata to top ht off your Spring CuisineLiving magazine. Living, please e-mailBabysitting name is Lauren Craig and I’m 16 years old. I love baby-sitting kids of all ages. I’ve worked with children throughbabysitting and being a camp counselor for the past 2 years.I can provide my own transportation. I am available to workafter school on weekdays and anytime during the weekend.If interested, please contact me at 423-883-6351.
20 LocalEvents Mountain Shadows Living OctoberOctober LOCAL EVENTSWednesday, Oct. 15-25 Wednesday, Oct. 15-26WinnepeSPOOKah RocktoberfestWhere: Lake Winnepesaukah Amusem*nt Park Where: Rock City GardensWhen: 6pm-11pm When: Noon-5pmIt’s hair-raising Halloween fun for boys and ghouls of all ages at Get in touch with Rock City’s German heritage! Rock City SquareLake WinnepeSPOOKah! Enjoy an atmosfear of haunted rides, will be transformed with live German music, dancing on the polkaeerie edibles, and screaming thrills throughout this SPOOKtacular stage, German food and specialty beer on tap in the Beer Garden.Halloween Event! All ages will enjoy free magic shows, interactive For more information: www.seerockcity.comparades and entertainment with mimes, jugglers and more! Onlythe bravest will want to cross the threshold into the SCAREHOUSE, Wednesday, Oct. 15-Nov. 2where ghastly creatures will scare the yell out of you! Blowing Springs Farm’s Enchanted MAiZEFor more information: 706-866-5681 Where: Blowing Springs Farm When: 9am-8pmWednesday, Oct. 15-25 Enjoy 10-acres of fall fun in the valley below Rock City’s Lover’sHalloween Eerie Express Leap. Weave through an amazing cornfield maze and enjoy a his-Where: Tennessee Valley Railroad toric birdhouse barn, tractor-pulled hayrides, face painting, greatWhen: 7:30pm food, kettle corn and the children’s courtyard playground.Take a ride aboard the spooky vintage train on a family-friendly, For more information: 706-820-2531round trip ride through the Tennessee Valley to the Funhouse Sta-tion. The Halloween Eerie Express trains depart from Tennessee Friday, Oct. 17Valley Railroad’s Grand Junction Station for a fun filled round-trip The Glo Runjourney. Passengers begin by boarding a vintage train for a trip Where: Coolidge Parkover four bridges and through Missionary Ridge Tunnel. Families When: 7:30pm-9:30pmwill enjoy storytelling, a tour through the “gentle thrills” Eerie Fun Run this 5K through a dream world of glowing wonders dancing toHouse, hot cider, black-light mini golf, games, temporary tattoos, music. There will be a DJ at the finish line. Cost is $35 per person.coloring pages, ride back to Grand Junction, and a bag of treats for The race starts at 7:30 pmthe children. For more information: www.chattanoogafun.comFor more information:
October Mountain Shadows Living LocalEvents 21Friday, Oct. 17-19 Mason. With Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood, Mason2014 Tennessee Dance Festival formed the legendary ‘70s band Traffic, penning the hit “Feelin’Where: Center for Creative Arts Alright,” which has been recorded by dozens of artists, includingWhen: Fri. 5pm-9pm; Sat. 8am-5:30pm; Sun. 8am-3pm Joe co*cker who had a huge hit with the song. Mason later pursuedThe Tennessee Dance Festival is a weekend of master classes and a solo career, striking gold with his debut album “Alone Together”performances for dancers ages 12 and up with classes geared considered a seminal rock classic.towards intermediate-professional level dancers. Highlights of the For more information: www.chattanoogafun.comweekend are the Tennessee Dance Festival Gala, Cathie Ault KaschStudent Choreography Project, Celebrations Members Showcase, Thursday, Nov. 6and scholarship audition class. Chattanooga Symphony & Opera: Schubert’s 4thFor more information: Where: Tivoli Theatre When: 7:30pmSunday, Oct. 19 The CSO visits another of Beethoven’s popular works, this time oneJohn Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men of his greatest overtures in the dramatically expressive LeonoreWhere: Chattanooga Theatre Center Overture No. 3. Following is Schubert’s most serious of his sym-When: 2:30pm phonies, the 4th, better known as the “Tragic” Symphony. ViolinistJohn Steinbeck’s landmark American play, adapted from his own Andrew Sords performs Sibelius’ virtuosic and darkly melodic con-classic novel, is an incredibly powerful story. It’s set in California certo for violin.during the Great Depression, where two migrant workers become For more information: (423) 267-8583unlikely friends - George Milton, a sharp but uneducated, short-tempered man, and Lennie Small, a large but simple-minded man. Saturday, Nov. 15Together they hold fast to their dream of acquiring their own piece Chattanooga Symphony & Opera: Pirates of Penzanceof land. But when Lennie stirs up trouble on the job, George must Where: Tivoli Theatremake a gut-wrenching decision. When: 7:30pmFor more information: Join the band of swashbuckling buccaneers, bumbling British bobbies, frolicsome Victorian maidens, and the delightfully dottyWednesday, Nov. 5 “model of a modern Major-General” for a rollicking romp overDave Mason the rocky coast of Cornwall. The rich sounds of the CSO and Cho-Where: UTC Fine Arts Center rus, plus vocal soloists resonate with classic elegance and powerWhen: 7:30pm while the company’s vibrancy, energy, and contemporary sense ofIt’s another great evening of music at the Patten Performances humor keep the show alive and exciting to a modern audience.with living legend and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Dave For more information: (423) 267-8583 423.402.1352 Complete Lawn & Landscape Services
22 YoungLife Mountain Shadows Living October
October Mountain Shadows Living ResidentBusinesses 23mountain shadowsLIVING resident business guideAttention Mountain Shadow Residents: Do you own or run a business? To have your business featured free in the resident business guide in an upcoming issue ofMountain Shadows Living, please send an e-mail to This is open to residents of Mountain Shadows only.ALLERGY & ASTHMA CARE COMPOUNDING PHARMACY LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE ORTHODONTICSCovenant Allergy & Asthma Designer Drugs COACH Coleman OrthodonticsDr. Susan Rascal Randy Davis, D.Ph. The Ornamentor Dr. Chris Coleman(423) 468-3267 (423) 954-2585 Jonathan Nessle (423) (423) 596-4168 www.theornamentor.bizAUTO DEALER ELEGANT GIFT SHOP PEDIATRICIANMarshal Mize Ford Colony 13 LANDSCAPING Allied PediatricsLewis Dyer Susan and Rodney Bass Images Landscaping Della Wessels(423) 875-2023 (423) 875-8840 Ruben Viva (423) (423) 899-1212 ICE CREAM www.imageslandscapeservice.comAUTO REPAIR BrustersFixx A Dent Dave Forsthoffer Moon LandscapesMike Reeves (423) 510-9993 Joshua Gunter(423) 855-5808 (423)
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