Top Trading Platforms for Prop Firms Compared [year] - Top Rated Fx Brokers (2024)

Let’s start by highlighting 3 of the best prop firms and the platforms they use:

  • FunderPro: This leading prop firm offers MetaTrader 5 as well as TradeLocker.
  • Topstep: Topstep offers access to Tradestation, TradeLocker, and TradingView.
  • FTMO: FTMO provides access to the MetaTrader platform and TradeLocker.

Comparing Top Trading Platforms for Prop Firms

Good trading platforms are important for prop trading. We’ll review the best platforms to help you decide.

TradeLockerChosen by prop traders for its easy-to-use interface and advanced features. It allows you to monitor trades, manage risk, and analyze performance across various asset classes.
MetaTrader 4 (MT4)Widely used and offers advanced charting, customizable indicators, and automated trading. It supports a variety of asset classes, making it a versatile option for prop traders.
MetaTrader 5 (MT5)Similar to MT4 but includes additional features such as support for more advanced order types and a built-in economic calendar and news feed.
cTraderPreferred by prop traders looking for a modern, web-based platform with advanced charting tools and customizable indicators.
NinjaTraderA powerful platform offering advanced charting and automated trading across various asset classes, but it may be challenging for beginners to use compared to other platforms.

Metatrader is Leaving the USA Prop Firms?

Prop trading firms in the United States are moving away from using MetaTrader 4 and 5 (MT4 and MT5) due to stricter regulatory environments. This shift has led many firms to adopt other trading platforms that are more compliant with US regulations. Additionally, platforms like cTrader have gained popularity among prop firms for their advanced charting capabilities and user-friendly interfaces.

When choosing a prop trading firm, it’s important to consider the trading platform they offer. A good platform should have a user-friendly interface, provide access to a wide range of asset classes and markets, and offer advanced features and tools to support informed trading decisions.

Platform’s interface and user-friendliness, the variety of assets and markets available, and the availability of advanced features and tools such as real-time market data, news feeds, and automated trading algorithms.

Each trader should research different firms and platforms to find one that aligns with their specific trading needs and goals, ultimately maximizing their potential for success in the prop trading industry.


TradeLocker is an alternative to MT4 and MT5 for prop firms. It’s a browser-based platform gaining popularity due to unique features.

What Will be the Alternative for Metatrader?

One of the favorites we stumbled upon seems to be TradeLocker that is easily crushing the competition.


  • Allows trading in micro lots, spreading risks in high-volume trading
  • Offers a mobile app for convenient trading anytime, anywhere
  • User-friendly interface makes it suitable for both novice and experienced traders
  • Social trading feature lets traders follow and copy successful traders’ trades


  • Lacks support for automated trading strategies
  • Offers fewer technical analysis tools compared to other platforms.
  • Relatively new platform

Reasons Why TradeLocker Stands Out for Prop Firms:

  • Comprehensive trading solution designed for traders, brokers and prop firms.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for traders at all levels.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Customizable trading conditions.

Popular Trading Platforms Offered by Top 5 Prop Trading Firms in 2024

Check out some of the best platforms and firms offering them:

Prop Trading FirmTrading PlatformDescription
Funder TradingFT ProFunder Trading offers its proprietary trading platform, FT Pro, which is a web-based platform that allows traders to trade stocks and options. FT Pro provides traders with real-time data, advanced charting tools, and customizable layouts.
Apex Trader FundingApex TraderApex Trader Funding offers its proprietary trading platform, Apex Trader, which is a web-based platform that allows traders to trade futures, forex, and stocks. Apex Trader provides traders with real-time data, advanced charting tools, and customizable layouts.
Top One TraderT1 TradingTop One Trader offers its proprietary trading platform, T1 Trading, which is a web-based platform that allows traders to trade futures and forex. T1 Trading provides traders with real-time data, advanced charting tools, and customizable layouts.
SabioTradeSabio TraderSabioTrade offers its proprietary trading platform, Sabio Trader, which is a web-based platform that allows traders to trade futures, forex, and stocks. Sabio Trader provides traders with real-time data, advanced charting tools, and customizable layouts.
The5ersMT5The5ers offers its proprietary trading platform, MT5, which is a web-based platform that allows traders to trade forex. MT5 provides traders with real-time data, advanced charting tools, and customizable layouts.

Author Opinion

Proprietary trading can indeed be a lucrative opportunity in the financial markets. However, selecting the best prop firm trading platform is crucial for success. Factors to consider include fees, trading tools, and customer support. Reading reviews and conducting thorough research are also important steps in making an informed decision.

The ideal prop firm trading platform should offer low fees, robust trading tools, and exceptional customer support. By choosing the right platform, traders can enhance their prospects for success in the world of proprietary trading.

Top Trading Platforms for Prop Firms Compared [year] - Top Rated Fx Brokers (2024)


Which is the most trusted prop firm? ›

Best Prop Trading Firms 2024 - Reviewed by Experts
  1. Topstep: A Leader in Trading Innovation. ...
  2. The 5%ers: Forex Trading with a Twist. ...
  3. Earn2Trade: Empowering Aspiring Traders. ...
  4. SurgeTrader: A Gateway to Diverse Trading Assets. ...
  5. FTMO: Stringent Yet Rewarding. ...
  6. E8 Funding: Innovative and Flexible.
Feb 2, 2024

Who is the most trusted forex broker? ›

Best Forex Trading Platforms
  • Saxo Review - Best VIP client experience.
  • IG - Most trusted, great for beginners.
  • CMC Markets - Best platform technology.
  • Interactive Brokers - Best for professionals.
  • TD Ameritrade FX - Best desktop platform (U.S. only)
  • FXCM - Great for algorithmic traders.
Mar 30, 2024

What platform do professional forex traders use? ›

The MT4 platform is the go-to for forex traders and provides a wide range of indicators, chart types, and timeframes. You can also access the MetaTrader Marketplace for customized indicators and algorithmic trading strategies.

What is the number 1 forex broker? ›

1. OANDA - Best US forex broker overall
OANDA minimum spread1.31.5
Industry average spread1.441.82
Dec 19, 2023

Why is FTMO banned in US? ›

FTMO have now restricted access to all new US-based traders as of January 2024. This appears to be related to regulatory issues and may have something to do with the recent My Forex Funds case.

Which prop firm is the best in USA? ›

Best US Prop Firms
  • SurgeTrader – Best For Managing Big Capital Without Scaling.
  • My Funded FX – Best for Diverse Traders.
  • TradeDay – TradeDay is Best For Learning from Experts.
  • TopStep – Best For Trading Futures.
  • Earn2Trade – Best for Guided Futures Learning Paths.

Which broker do most traders use? ›

Compare the Best Online Brokers
BrokerStar RatingFractional Share Trading of Stocks
Fidelity Investments4.8Yes
Charles Schwab4.7Yes
Interactive Brokers4.6Yes
3 more rows

Which forex broker does FTMO use? ›

You can trade your FTMO Challenge, Verification, and FTMO Account on some of the most popular retail platforms – MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, DXtrade, or cTrader.

Which forex broker is best in USA? ›

Intro and winners
  • is the best forex broker in the United States in 2024 - Excellent selection of currency pairs. Competitive forex spreads. ...
  • Oanda - Great trading platforms. ...
  • IG - First-class web trading platform. ...
  • Interactive Brokers - Low trading fees and high interest on cash balances.
Mar 28, 2024

Which forex prop firms use TradingView? ›

Top Forex Prop Firms that Utilize Tradingview
  • TopstepFX.
  • The5%ers.
  • FTMO.
  • Maverick Trading.
  • Blue Point Trading.
  • OneUp Trader.
  • City Traders Imperium.
  • Earn2Trade.
Jan 19, 2024

What is the oldest forex broker? ›

IG. IG is a British-based forex broker that was founded in 1974, making it one of the oldest brokers in the world. With over 45 years of experience, IG has built a reputation for providing high-quality services to its clients.

What platform does the funded trader use? ›

Funded Trader uses the Metatrader 4/5 platform, which is the most common choice for Traders and Brokers worldwide.

Are there any legit prop firms? ›

Yes, besides Ultimate Trader, there are several legitimate forex prop trading firms, and True Forex Funds is among them. Joining a reputable prop trading firm typically involves a straightforward process.

Are prop firms trustworthy? ›

Proprietary trading firms, known as prop firms, can vary in legitimacy. Reputable prop firms do exist and compensate traders for successful trading. However, caution is advisable as some untrustworthy entities might operate as scams.

Is FTMO the best prop firm? ›

FTMO Investment Options

One of the main reasons why FTMO is a good prop firm is their investment options. They offer traders the opportunity to trade with their own capital, as well as access to additional capital from FTMO.

What is the best prop firm to trade for? ›

Quick Look: Best Prop Trading Firms
  • Best for Beginner Futures Traders: Apex Trader Funding.
  • Best for Experienced Traders: FXIFY.
  • Best for Stock Traders: Trade the Pool.
  • Best for Experienced and Beginner Forex, Indices and Metal Traders: The 5ers.
  • Best for All Futures Traders: BluSky.


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